Thursday, April 29, 2010

dropping the weight...

Well Pregnancy works for big girls like me. Not that I'm that bi - but I'm not a Skinny Minny... at all. I have curves where I should - so meh... BUT since getting pregnancy, and joining the gym, I've lost a pound or two every week... since stopping the gym, I've still lost a pound or two...

My doctor isn't worried, shes says big girls have it to lose. It will only be a problem at the end of my 2nd,m and into my 3rd trimester.

Since I'm at 14 weeks I hope to level out soon. I've popped - but just a littl Since I'm a big waisted woman, I have a ton of room for baby and the Dr. says I'll pop, but then stay at this size for a little while... then sorta pop again. So I hope to level out with the weight then.

Friday, April 9, 2010

So I'm not at the gym a lot... which i'm Ok with.

Cause... well I'm preggers, and I have to worry about Incubating, not getting fit... so the cool thing is I can still write about being fit and preggers... and I don't have to change the name of this blog. :D

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I think I'm quitting the Gym

I've been taking it easy - and I think the best thing to do is quit the gym. I hope they will give me my last 3 months balance... cause I'd like to move the money over... to the pool. I find Aqua-sizing much much better. and I cold do more... for less... and it wouldn't hurt my body.

So here's hoping that maybe I'll be able to drop the hard core, and bump down to soft core... doesn't that sound awful... but it's what I gotta do.

Aqua-sizing three times a week, and belly dancing weekly that will be good!! I think.

Here's hoping that I'll maintain my current weight loss plan.