Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sugar, I believe it's taken over my life...

I think I need to cut it out... well cut back.... sorta.

and that statement says it all.

I know I eat too much sugar, refined, processed, sweet, glorious sugar. I like white sugar from beets in my baking; raw cane sugar in special treats and sweets I make;
Confectioner's sugar to lightly dust the tops of earlier mentioned sweets... plus Butter Cream Icing is God's gift to my Cupcakes; Brown sugar for my cereal, and baking; Dextrose in most of the processed food I try to avoid, but not really; Corn syrup in cooking, and on my pancakes, Oh it's distant cousin, high fructose corn syrup which is in Practically Everything; Fructose/Fruit, see this is the tricky part, I love Fruit - but its Uber full of Sugar!; Honey, the sweet nectar of the gods, for my tea; Inverted sugar in the middle of Caramilk…; Maple syrup on pancakes, waffles and in a few recipes; Molasses, which is not my favorite in most things, but I like it plain in a spoon (a small spoon); Turbinado, raw sugar goodness.

See I wasn't sure I was really in trouble, til I wrote that off the top of my head... know anyone else who can name off that many types of sugar?

I suppose I need to pull it together and cut it out... a Sugar Fast, or some sort of cleanse-y type thing...

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~ Chera said...

I'll sugar fast with you, but lets start small like three days or something.